Thursday, July 22, 2010

OCS 2007 R2 - server issues - limited calling

So I ran into a small issue with an OCS environment recently.  All of the MOC clients were showing a small red exclamation point in the tray icon with a message indicating server issues and limited calling.  Combined with that, 4 of the OCS services were stopped and wouldn't start.  The 4 services were:  Office Communications Server Conferencing Announcement, Office Communications Server Conference Attendant, Office Communications Server Outside Voice Control, and Office Communications Server Response Group.  Some Google searching revealed a lot of people running into similar issues (but with different symptoms or slightly different error messages).  I was finally able to narrow down the fix when I ran into Event ID 33020 stating that the CAA's private contact object is missing.

The fix?  Deactivate all 4 applications in OCS and reactivate (using the same information that they were originally activated with).  This is a very quick and easy process.  Then, start the 4 services.  Thereafter, users had to log out out OCS and log back in and the red exclamation point was gone and full functionality resumed.