Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Windows Server 101 - a free e-book!

Today, I'm releasing a free e-book!  This book is titled "Windows Server 101". This book focuses on how to perform many of the tasks you use to manage Windows Server, such as configuring a server’s local settings, adding and managing key server roles, and troubleshooting network communications. The information presented in this book will help application administrators, developers, and other IT workers manage their servers. It is not meant as a guide to Windows Server 2016 for experts on previous versions of Windows Server. It is meant to teach you Windows Server, including the 2016 version and earlier versions, from scratch. For desktop administrators and other IT workers who focus on client operating systems, development, or applications, this book is a gateway to the server side of IT.  This book covers all of the foundational elements but does not get into the advanced and brand new features (which is good if you are just learning the server side of things).  Download it, read it, and have fun learning Windows Server!

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